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• Contribution to the research on and establishment of the predictive coding view in several psychological fields

• > 100 publications, 3 special issues, > 10 organized symposia, > 10 workshops and conferences, > 100 poster and oral contributions to conferences, 3 invited keynote lectures / plenary talks to ES

• continuation of existing cooperation and establishment of new cooperation with other labs in Leipzig, Oldenburg, Chemnitz, Potsdam, Budapest, Helsinki, Paris, Barcelona, Mallorca, Salamanca, Plymouth, Glasgow, Perth, Newcastle, Maastricht, Nagoya, Salzburg, Montreal, New York and others

• 5 members of the group accepted (were offered) tenure professorships (Bendixen, Scharinger, Timm, Wetzel) and tenure post-doc positions (Kimura); 2 accepted offers for tenure-track post-doc positions (Roeber, SanMiguel); 2 accepted offers for post-doc positions in leading labs (Marzecova, Tavano).