Academic English

The Academic English subproject is intended to help students successfully use English as an academic and research language. We concentrate on all of the skills needed in the academic context: reading, writing, listening, and speaking. First, we focus on improving reading skills by using authentic texts such as academic articles, textbooks, Internet resources, and research protocols. Second, we practice listening skills students need to understand lectures, seminars, and academic audio and video content. Third, we provide support for students who are writing academic texts, for example, protocols, examinations, essays, research papers, bachelor’s and master’s theses, dissertations, and university-related correspondence. And finally we have a strong focus on oral language skills. We help students prepare reports, be ready to take part in academic discussions, and give successful media-based presentations.


Most workshop are open to all bachelor’s, master’s, and doctoral students. The following workshops are currently being planned:

  • Writing Abstracts
  • Poster Presentations
  • Data Commentaries
  • Plan­ning a Bache­lor’s or Mas­ter’s Thesis
  • Giving Academic Presentations
  • Writing Emails for Academic Purposes
  • Writing Letters of Motivation for Study-Abroad Programs
  • Preparing for the DAAD Test
  • Test Your English! Assess and Improve Your Vocabulary and Reading Comprehension
  • Test Your English! Assess and Improve Your Listening Comprehension

Language Clinic

The Language Clinic is open to all bachelor’s, master’s, and doctoral students who need assistance with academic language. Topics covered in the advising session might include the following:

  • discussing the organization of your writing
  • focusing on grammar and vocabulary used in your writing
  • organizing and writing cover letters, statements of purpose, and letters of motivation
  • organizing and writing a bachelor’s or master’s thesis or dissertation
  • preparing academic presentations
  • general advice on language learning
  • language-based learning and communication strategies
  • recommendations on independent learning materials and learning resources
  • recommendations on assessing your academic language skills

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The list of topics for the workshops and Language Clinic is open and can be added to at any time. We welcome your input. Conversations with the faculties are currently in progress in order to assess the language needs of specific degree programs as comprehensively and in as much detail as possible. This information will be used to provide additional tailored workshops and consultations.

Kontakt | Contact

Fachliche Leitung | Program director
Priv.-Doz. Dr. Olaf Bärenfänger | Sprachenzentrum (Language Center)

Goethestr. 2 | 04109 Leipzig